FBT splitter is fused bi-conical tap splitter to close two or three bare fibers at fusing high temperature then for stretching. There will be bipyramid special waveguiding structure at fusing area. FBT splitter can be controlled to reverse fibers angle and stretch length to gain different spectral signal ratio. Lastly, using curing gel to solidify fused fibers at quartz substrate then putting quartz substrate into stainless copper pipe to make final PBT splitter products. The material of FBT is easily to get, which lead low cost to make such splitters.


  • Low Insertion Loss with Superior Connectors
  • Anti-knock and stable mechanical performance at different temperature
  • Customized cable length and connectors
  • Meet Telcordia requirements strictly
  • Single Package for any damage
Optical Performance Parameter
Working Wavelength1260nm to1650nm1260nm to1650nm
Insertion Loss(Max.) (dB)4.17.410.513.816.920.44.47.71114.117.2
Uniformity (dB)
PDL (dB)
Return loss (dB)APC Endface: 55dB
Return loss (dB)UPC :50dBAPC:55dB    /   UPC :50dB
Fiber Type (dB)G657A or CustomizedG657A or Customized
Storage Temperature-40℃~80℃-40℃~80℃
Working Temperature-40℃~80℃-40℃~80℃

Package Measure (mm)

Mini Splitter50*4*455*7*460*7*460*12*480*20*6100*40*6
ABS Splitter100*80*10100*80*10100*80*10120*80*18120*80*18140*114*18
SMD Splitter130*100*25130*100*25130*100*25130*100*50130*100*102130*100*206

Over 8 years focus on fiber optical patch cable manufacture foster Bonelinks own full range independent production from indoor cable to LC connector plastic module to 10 gigabit and 100 gigabit MTP patch cable. Bonelinks cable is designed to exceed performance requirements and covered by comprehensive warranty from fibers, aramid yarn and outer sheath. All Bonelinks fiber optical products physical performance will be covered to provide lifetime warranty usage and free replacement for broken. Fibre patch cable’s connector components, fibers, and outer sheath meet IEC6317 covering full lifetime warranty also.

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