Bonelinks fiber optical Dome type joint closures are designed to achieve rural area or certain area fiber to the home cabling network deployment. As network transmission transfer station, clear and easy installation and excellent gas tightness against harsh environments are key to judge good dome splicing closure good nor not. Silicon loop are adopted at clousure conjuction against water and corrosion to protect inner fiber. There are kits including hoop loop for pole fixing, heatshrink tubes for splicing, installation kits and the like.


  •  Dome cover design resist any harsh outdoor environment
  • Recycle new PE plastic material guarantee closure’s durability and nontoxicity
  • Tight cable port and fixing design
  • Self-adhesive isolative tape to tie electronic wire and glue belt to seal gap
  • Splicing sleeves, label paper, wall-mount kits are for easily fiber splicing and installation
  • There are 3in Dome type closure for chosen

Fiber Optical Dome Type Closure Mechanical Performance


PC (Polycarbonate) Plastic Modules
Cable Ports4 In
Max Capacity96cores
Splice Tray 4* 24 cores splice tray
AccessoriesProtecting Sleeves, labeling paper, Insulation tape, abrasive paper, wall-mount kits, sealing tape, nylon tie, earthing wire, plastic wrench
Sealing WaySilicon Rubber Sealing Ring
Installation WayAerial Hanging or Buried-Mounting
Waterproof DegreeIP 66

Optical Fiber Performance

Fiber TypeFiber Diameter(μm)Bandwidth(MHz.KM)Operating Wavelength(nm)Max Fiber Attenuation (dB/KM)

Over 8 years focus on fiber optical patch cable manufacture foster Bonelinks own full range independent production from indoor cable to LC connector plastic module to 10 gigabit and 100 gigabit MTP patch cable. Bonelinks cable is designed to exceed performance requirements and covered by comprehensive warranty from fibers, aramid yarn and outer sheath. All Bonelinks fiber optical products physical performance will be covered to provide lifetime warranty usage and free replacement for broken. Fibre patch cable’s connector components, fibers, and outer sheath meet IEC6317 covering full lifetime warranty also.

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