GYCFXY fiber cable is small diameter and weight cable designing for underground blowing micro duct network construction. 250μm singlemode or multimode fibers will be inserted into high-quality loose tubes which are fulfilled with toxic-free water-proof compound gel. Outer sheath adopts HDPE material increasing cable’s friction resistance and structure’s density.

GYCFXY micro blowing cable can be blown to reach 30 to 50 meters per minute and blowing distance can be reached 1000 meters at one time, which improves cabling deployment efficiency. GYCFXY micro cable can be blow out to replace inner singlemode and multimode fibers for network updating. Because of tight and light structure, GYCFXY micro cable can be used in crowded urban pipeline construction avoiding digging and high cost laying right.


  • Meet YD/T 901-2001as and IEC 60794-1 standard
  •  Good mechanical and ductility performance at cold weather
  •  Solid HDPE sheath equips water-proof and anti-mouse bite function
  •  Corning G652D or G657A1 or multimode fiber for chosen
  •  Compact cable structure against any shake at transportation and damage
  •  Strong metallic central strength member
  •  Full lubrication gel filling fiber bunch
  • Moisture-proof, Bulletproof and water-proof

    Main Mechanical and Environmental Performances

    ItemTest StandardSpecified ValueRequirements
    TensionIEC 60794-1-2-E1See Technical dataAdditional attenuation:      ≤0.1dB after test
    CrushIEC 60794-1-2-3See Technical dataAdditional attenuation:      ≤0.1dB after test
    ImpactIEC 60794-1-2-4R=300mm,10Nm          in 3 different placesAdditional attenuation:      ≤0.1dB after test
    Repeated BendingIEC 60794-1-2E6R=20*DAdditional attenuation:      ≤0.1dB after test
    Water  PenetrationIEC 60794-1 -2-3Sample length=3m           Water height=1 m        24 hoursNo water leakage
    Temperature CyclingIEC 60794-1-2-F1-20℃-+75℃Attenuation change:            ≤0.05dB after test

GYCFXY Cable Mechanical Parameters

Fiber CountsNominal Diameter(mm)Nominal Weight (kg/km)Min Tensile Load(N)Max Tensile Load(N)Min Crush Resistance (N)Max Crush Resistance (N)Max Bending Radius(mm)Max Bending Radius(mm)

Optical Fiber Performance

Fiber styleUnitSM G652DMM 50/125MM 62.5/125
Cladding diameterum125±1125±1125±1
Cladding non-circularity%≤1.0≤1.0≤1.0
Coating diameterum242±7242±7242±7

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