GYFXY fiber cable is self-supported outdoor cable designed for aerial network construction and underground cable ducting. The structure of GYFXY cable is covering singlemode or multimode fibers into HDPE sheath, there are full of compound gel inside cable against water. Loose tube and water-proof gel make sure fiber’s tight and water-resistance performance. There are 2 parallel steel wires at PE sheath as strengthen member to guarantee cable’s tensile and pulling strength. The special tight structure can prevent loose tube retracting. Accurate fiber excess length makes sure cable’s good mechanical performance. Loose tube equips good water-proof performance and high strength with special compound gel, all these provide key protect to inside fibers.


  • Meet YD/T 901-2001as and IEC 60794-1 standard
  •  Good mechanical and ductility performance at cold weather
  •  Solid HDPE sheath equips water-proof and anti-mouse bite function
  •  Corning G652D or G657A1 or multimode fiber for chosen
  •  Compact cable structure against any shake at transportation and damage
  •  Strong metallic central strength member
  •  Full lubrication gel filling fiber bunch
  • Moisture-proof, Bulletproof and water-proof

    Main Mechanical and Environmental Performances

    ItemTest StandardSpecified ValueRequirements
    TensionIEC 60794-1-2-E1See Technical dataAdditional attenuation:      ≤0.1dB after test
    CrushIEC 60794-1-2-3See Technical dataAdditional attenuation:      ≤0.1dB after test
    ImpactIEC 60794-1-2-4R=300mm,10Nm          in 3 different placesAdditional attenuation:      ≤0.1dB after test
    Repeated BendingIEC 60794-1-2E6R=20*DAdditional attenuation:      ≤0.1dB after test
    Water  PenetrationIEC 60794-1 -2-3Sample length=3m           Water height=1 m        24 hoursNo water leakage
    Temperature CyclingIEC 60794-1-2-F1-20℃-+75℃Attenuation change:            ≤0.05dB after test

GYFTY Cable Mechanical Parameters

Fiber CountNominal Diameter(mm)Nominal Weight (kg/km)Max Fibers per BunchNumbers of Bunches & FillersMin Tensile Load(N)Max Tensile Load(N)Min Crush Resistance (N)Min Crush Resistance (N)
2 to 309.7906515006001000600
32 to 3610.31096615006001000600
38 to 6010.81196515006001000600
62 to 7211.514512615006001000600
74 to 9613.517512817006001000600
98 to 12014.8209121020006001000600
122 to 14416.6249121220006001000600
146 to 21617.8254121820006001000600
218 to 28819325122420006001000600

Optical Fiber Performance

Fiber styleUnitSM G652DMM 50/125MM 62.5/125
Cladding diameterum125±1125±1125±1
Cladding non-circularity%≤1.0≤1.0≤1.0
Coating diameterum242±7242±7242±7

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