Bonelinks MTP Fiber Optical Cassette Module is designed for the high-density fiber cables collection and density signal transmission through MTP and LC/SC connectors. The cassette is used at the high-density data center, date dealing center and cloud servers which needs fast data dealing with capacities,  fast network speed and large network volume at certain high-density space.

This Optical fiber Cassette Module kit covers one Elite 12 MTP to 6 x LC duplex multimode OM3 fiber optic fanout cable. One MTP adapter in the backside, 6 x LC duplex adapters in front.

The cassette module can be mounted at the open rack, which is deployed LC fanout cables inside. High quality cold-roll steel sheets make sure stabilities of weight bear within open rack.  What’s more,  this MTP cassette module also can be compatibly mounted in any brands’ 2U, 3U or 4U 19 MPO/MTP® fiber panel or enclosure.


Polarity Method A, Method B, Method C
Fiber Type OM4 (50/125) Multimode Aqua or Rose-red
Fiber Capacity 24 Fibers
Glass Fibre Corning/OFS
Rear Connectivity MTP® ELITE MT 24  Connector
Front Connectivity Low Insertion Loss LC OM3 Connectors
Insertion Loss across cassette
 Product Warranty Life Time Warranty for Fiber; 20 Years Warranty for Metal Shell
  Fiber Type 50/125µm Multimode OM3/OM4 Fiber Count 12 Fiber
  Connector Type Front: 6xLC OM3 Duplex,  Rear: 1 MTP Female Polish Endface UPC to UPC
  Dimensions (WxDxH) 130×112×30mm Test Wavelength 850 nm/1310 nm
  Insertion Loss MPO≤0.6dB, LC≤0.3dB Return Loss ≥20dB
  Polarity Method A, Method B, Method C Durability ≥1000 times
  Jacket Material Cold-roll Steel Sheets Jacket Color Aqua/ Rose-red
  Environment Operating: -20°C to 70°C
Storage: -40°C to 85°C
Application Data Center Cables  Infrastructure
High-Density Truck Cable  Management

Full Bonelinks MTP/MPO fiber optical cassette modules are designed for space saving high-density fiber solution across data centers, network servers centers, and complicated data calculation centers. These MTP to LC cassettes enable MTP/ MPO to LC fanout patch cable being collected in limited space then to connect other electronic equipment, transceiver modules to transmit network signal.

The polarity or method of these MTP to LC breakout cables within cassettes are critical to the whole network link. Ensuring the network method is the key to maintain at all ports across the network.

LC Fanout Cable Performance within 19-inch racks

Bonelinks MTP/MPO cassettes can be mounted in either the 1U or 2U patch panel and open rack and are locked into place with a simple latching mechanism. These mechanical setting do not need any special opening tooling or any skills. The MTP/MPO cassette also can then be connected to and be compatible with any other brands trunk cables and patch cords and terminal equipment.

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