Simplex Fiber Optic Cable Singlemode Multimode

Simplex fiber optic cables, also known as single-strand, have only one fiber. On one end is the transmitter, and the other end has the receiver. These are not reversible. Fiber optic simplex offers a one-way data transfer. It’s a good choice for an application such as an interstate trucking scale that sends weight readings back to a monitoring station. Simplex fiber optic cables come in single-mode or multimode. The simplex fiber optic cable is composed of tight buffer fiber, aramid yarn and outer jacket. It’s used as an indoor fiber patch cord or pigtail between communication instruments and equipment.


  • Only one fiber to communicate is less expensive than full-duplex fiber optic cables
  • Allow for more incoming data at higher speeds
  • Excellent tensile performance with aramid yarn
  • Easy to strip
  • Easy installation
  • Excellent tensile performance with aramid yarn


Fiber patch cord and pigtail; Interconnect between communication equipment

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