Hybrid Cable Fiber And Power For Power Supply And Communication

GDTS hybrid cable uses a photoelectric integration design, which integrates electric wires and optical fibers in the same cable, solves the problems of equipment power consumption and signal transmission, doesn’t need to lay electric wires and optical fibers separately, so as to save costs and provide the centralized monitoring and maintenance of power for equipment.


  • Optical and electrical hybrid design, solving the problem of power supply and signal transmission
  • Providing manageability of power and reducing coordination and maintenance of power supply
  • Steel armor provides good crush resistance & rodent-proof
  • Steel wire center strength member provides strong tensile strength
  • Filling gel compound and water-blocking tape & yarn provide excellent water blocking
  • PE sheath with good UV radiation resistance


Power supply system for remote telecommunication; Short distance communication system with power supply; connect BBU, RRU in DC remote power supply system for distributed base station

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