LGX Box PLC Splitter

LGX Box PLC Splitter

Bonelinks provides 1×2, 1×4 1×8, 1×16, 1×32, 1×64, 1×128 LGX box PLC splitter. The input and output of fiber optical splitter can be pre-terminated with FC, SC, LC, ST or other fiber connectors according to different usage requirements. When the splitter is used in CATV or active optical communication equipment, Bonelinks can custom produce input and output lengths as short as 0.5m to reduce internal redundancy. In PON networks, 1×8 ways optical splitters are often placed in specific OLT equipment as primary or secondary network connection nodes. 1×32 taps are often used in data centers or server centers for different ports of data access and are placed in 1U or 2U racks, for which Bonelinks can provide a complete rack tap installation service. 1×64 taps are also used in FTTH cabins and floor splitter boxes for signal data distribution and connectivity. All taps are tested at the factory before each port is shipped.


Long-Haul Tele/Data Communications;
Fiber Optic Equipment and Systems;
CATV Systems;
Local Area Network, PON, and FTTH;
Fiber Sensors

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cassette plc splitter

Cassette PLC Splitter

Splitting ratio: 1x4; 1x8; 1x16; 1x32
Pre-terminated connector: SC, FC, ST
Fiber type: Singlemode G657A
Operating wavelength(nm): 1260 to 1650
Operation temp: -40℃~+85℃
Dimension(mm):130*100*25 or customized
Application: FTTH distribution box

mini plc splitter

Mini PLC Splitter

Splitting ratio: 1x2; 1x4; 1x8; 1x16; 1x32; 1x64
Pre-terminated connector: SC, LC, FC
Fiber type: Singlemode G657A
Operating wavelength(nm): 1260 to 1650
Input length(m): From 0.5/1 to 5
Output length(m): From 0.5/1 to 5
Dimension(mm):55*7*4, 80*20*6 , 120*40*6 or customized
Application: Distribution box, Network cabinet, PON, GPON, FTTx, Rack Mount, Blister Box, Server Room

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