Indoor Optical Cable

Overview of indoor optical cable

Indoor optical cable is a cable core composed of a certain number of optical fibers in a certain way, covered with a sheath. It is the fiber cable used for communication equipment, computers, switches, and end-user equipment in buildings to transmit information. Because it is used indoors, there is no need to have a waterproof structure, but the optical cable has better flexibility and high bending performance. It has the characteristics of fast transmission speed, clear and stable signal, good interference, and a large amount of transmitted data.

Indoor Optical Cable Categories

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Indoor Fiber Optic Cable

GJPFJH (Unitized Tight-Buffered Distribution Cable)

Indoor Fiber Optic Cable

GJFJV (Single-Mode Indoor Fiber Optic Cable)

Indoor Fiber Optic Cable

GJBFJV Indoor Breakout Fiber Optic Cable