What is ONU, ONT, SFU, HGU and the differences between them

When it comes to user-side equipment in broadband fiber access, we often see terms such as ONU, ONT, SFU, and HGU. What are they? What’s the difference? 1. ONU and ONT The main application types of broadband optical access include: FTTH, FTTO and FTTB, and the user-side equipment have different forms under different application types.

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What is FTTR and FTTR All-optical Network Solution?

1. What is FTTR? Before talking about FTTR, let’s talk about what FTTx is. FTTx is the abbreviation of “Fiber To The x”, which refers to “Fiber To The x”, where x not only represents the location where the fiber reaches, but also includes the optical network equipment installed at the location, and specifies the

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Introduction of hybrid fiber cable

1. What is hybrid fiber cable? Hybrid fiber cable is a new type of access method that is suitable for transmission lines in broadband access network systems. It integrates optical fibers and copper wires for power transmission, and can solve the problems of broadband access, equipment power consumption, and signal transmission. 2. Development of hybrid

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Brief introduction of FTTD fiber to the desk

1. What is FTTD fiber to the desktop? FTTD Fiber to the desktop means that the optical fiber replaces the traditional copper cable transmission medium and directly extends to the user terminal computer, so that the user terminal can realize the network access through the optical fiber throughout the whole process, and realize the true

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Aerial fiber cable

Introduction of figure 8 fiber optic cable

1. What is figure 8 fiber optic cable? Optical cables with a cross-sectional shape of “8” are generally called figure 8 fiber optic cables. The optical fiber cable integrates the cable core part and the steel supporting strand into an “8”-shaped PE sheath to form a self-supporting structure. During the laying process, there is no

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tactical fiber cable

What is tactical fiber optic cable?

1. What is tactical fiber optic cable? Tactical fiber optic cable is an optical communication trunk line that can be easily retracted in the field. It is mainly used for group information transmission between switching nodes in the field integrated communication system, and between switching nodes and user centers, and as a lead device for

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