Quick intros about all-dielectric armored fiber optic cable

What is dielectric fiber optic cable?
Dielectric fiber optic cable is ADSS optical cable. It is made by wrapping the optical fiber bundle around the central reinforcement and taking protective measures such as insulation, waterproofing, reinforcement, and sheathing.

ADSS Dual Sheath 001

Characteristics of dielectric fiber optic cable
ADSS cable has all-dielectric properties.

It is non-conductive, has a small cable diameter, high tension, wide temperature adaptation and no metal.

All-dielectric fiber optic cable also has advantages including self-supporting, lightweight, convenient construction, economical and others.

The dielectric material of optical fiber
Optical fiber dielectric materials such as quartz and glass, have high light transmittance, high heat resistance, and good corrosion resistance.

What is dielectric armored fiber optic cable?
When the dielectric fiber optic cable is used in harsh environments, the optical cable needs to be armored to further improve the mechanical strength and effectively protect the optical cable.

Armored fiber optic cable is a kind of fiber optic cable wrapped with a layer of protective “armor”. Its armor is mainly used to protect the fiber optic cable from animal bites, moisture erosion or other damage.

What is the difference between armored cable and unarmoured cable?

unarmored armored fiber cables

  • Armored cable: It is made of conductors of different materials installed in metal sleeves with insulating materials, and is processed into a bendable solid assembly.
  • Unarmored cable: refers to the cable without steel armor protective layer.

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