GYTC8A Self-supporting Aerial Fiber Optic Cable

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GYTC8A Self-supporting Aerial Fiber Optic Cable

GYTC8A is a special structure, designed for medium and long distance overhead laying outdoor fiber optic cable, GYTC8A fiber optic cable has special phosphate wire strand to provide suspension tension support, plastic coated aluminum tape wrapping to block water vapor and enhance its own hardness. So whether it is secondary backbone line or metropolitan network construction, GYTC8A overhead laying section has superior performance. The minimum number of cores of GYTC8A cable designed and manufactured by Bonelinks is 2, and the maximum number of cores is 60, and the cable can be pre-assembled in different lengths according to the construction requirements.


Backbone network, metro network, FTTx


UV resistance; Waterproof; Cold resistance


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